University of Portland Bulletin 2013-2014

III. Course Requirements

  1. If an instructor is 10 minutes late, the class is considered dismissed.
  2. The instructor of a class determines the requirements for the successful completion of a given course. The instructor will inform students in writing of these requirements and grading policies within the first week of the opening of the class. In those cases in which a student misses class meetings due to participation in activities which are officially approved by the provost, the student will be permitted to fulfill the missed requirements of the course.
  3. As a general standard, one semester credit hour is to represent 45 hours of student involvement. In the fall and spring semesters the portion of this involvement that is dedicated to recitation or lecture is established as 55 minutes in length per week over 14 weeks. In summer sessions and in other time-shortened arrangements an equivalent of this dedication is required exclusive of registration and final examination periods.