University of Portland Bulletin 2016-2017

Environmental Policy

Required: 16 upper-division hours.

  • One of the following courses with lab :

Ecology and Lab (BIO 442/BIO 472), or Marine Biology of the Pacific Northwest and Lab (BIO 338/BIO 368), or Wetlands Ecology and Lab (BIO 304/BIO 374), or Meteorology and Environmental Lab (ENV361/ENV387), or Climatology and Environmental Laboratory (ENV 365/ENV 387)

  • One of the following theology courses :

Ecology in Theological Perspective (THE 428) or Theological Environmental Ethics (THE 327), or Theology in Ecological Perspective (THEP 482);

  • Three courses from the following list :

Environmental Economics (ECN 322), Metrics for Sustainability (ENV 325), Environmental Policy (ENV 349), Climatology (ENV 365), Innovation for Sustainability (ENV 408) American Public Policy (POL 335), Food Politics and Policy (POL 338), Business in a Political World (POL 379), United States Urban Politics (POL 320), Building World Peace (POL 356), Violence, Poverty and the Environment (SW 466), American Frontier (HST 314), Technology, Resources, and Environment in World History (HST 357), The Modern City (HST 359), Socio-Political Philosophy (PHL 413), Philosophy of Science (PHL 422), Environmental Ethics (PHL 434), General Anthropology (SOC 310), Urban Society (SOC 434), Rhetoric of Politics and Social Movements (CST 401), The Literature of Nature and the Out-of-Doors (ENG 363), Oregon and Northwest Writers (ENG 461), Poets, Prophets, Divas, and Diviners (THE 402), Sages and Singers, Songwriters and Storytellers (THE 404), Modern Catholic Ethics (THE 422), Christian Social Ethics (THE 423), Catholic Social Teaching: A Living Tradition of Thought and Action (THE 425).