University of Portland Bulletin 2019-2020

Programs of Study

The School of Education and the Graduate School offer the following degrees and programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education pathway leading to MAT licensure

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education pathway leading to MAT licensure

Master of Arts in Teaching (see Graduate School)

Master of Education (see Graduate School)

Master of Arts (see Graduate School)

Post Baccalaureate Certificate (see Graduate School)

Post Master's Certificate (see Graduate School)

Doctor of Education (see Graduate School)

Additional and Specialized Programs:

Minor in Education

Reading Intervention Endorsement

Special Education Generalist Endorsement

English for Speakers of Other Languages Endorsement

Neuroeducation (see Graduate School)

Preliminary Administrator License (see Graduate School)

Professional Administrator License (see Graduate School)

Higher Education and Student Affairs (see Graduate School)

School of Education Undergraduate Requirements

The undergraduate teacher education programs have two strategic points during the four-year program, namely: (1) admission to the School of Education, and (2) advancement to the professional year.

Admission to the School of Education

Freshmen: Admission of freshman candidates is based upon a derived matrix score which includes a combination of predictors of probable success: SAT scores, academic records (including grade point average), essay sample, and a personal recommendation.

Transfer Candidates: Admission of transfer candidates is determined on the evaluation of college transcripts (high school transcripts if fewer than 26 semester or 39 quarter hours of college work have been completed) and essays.

Advancement to the Professional Year

The professional year includes a two-semester student teaching experience.  In the fall semester, candidates complete a part-time clinical placement and concurrent professional education coursework. In the spring semester, candidates complete a full-time, 15-week clinical placement and continue completing concurrent professional education coursework.

Ordinarily, elementary and secondary undergraduate majors must take a minimum of 12 semester hours in education courses at the University of Portland in order to enter the professional year. In addition, secondary candidates must take and successfully complete 75 percent of the courses required in their secondary endorsement area at the University of Portland. The permission of the associate dean must be obtained for an exception.

Candidates may not advance to the professional year until all courses required in the endorsement area and all other required content courses have been completed. Should it be necessary, a clear plan for completing these requirements by the summer before the beginning of the professional year must be filed before application to the University Teacher Education Committee (UTEC) is made.

Only those candidates who satisfy the requirements for scholarship and personal qualifications suitable for teaching will advance to the professional year. Candidates must successfully meet the requirements of all course work while demonstrating academic integrity. In addition, ethical, competent behavior is required during all field work and practica.

The process of advancement to the professional year entails review by the School of Education associate dean and approval by UTEC. Ordinarily, placements occur only in districts where professional year candidates do not have personal relationships with employees of the district.

Requirements for advancement to the professional year:

  1. Passage of all TSPC approved tests required for licensure.
  2. Minimum of 2.50 cumulative G.P.A. for all academic work at the University of Portland.
  3. A minimum cumulative 2.70 G.P.A. in all education classes.
  4. A grade of C or better in all education courses; candidates who receive a grade of C- or lower in any education course must repeat the course.
  5. Minimum 2.70 G.P.A. in the teaching specialty (secondary/endorsement) area.
  6. Passage of ENG 107 or equivalent course with a grade of B- or better. Note: ENG 107 is waived if the candidate's SAT Verbal score is 630 or above (for candidates who took the SAT prior to March 2016) or if the candidate's SAT Evidence Based Reading and Writing score is 640 or above (for candidates who took the SAT in March 2016 or later).
  7. Recommendations from two University of Portland School of Education faculty members for elementary education candidates. For secondary education candidates, an additional recommendation from a University of Portland School of Education faculty member in the endorsement area is required.
  8. Successful completion of a minimum of 144 hours of field work.
  9. Completion of all paperwork and approvals necessary for student teaching by June 1 prior to fall semester for site placement in the professional year.
  10. Demonstration of positive dispositions.

Multiple Endorsements A candidate may earn more than one subject area endorsement when the prescribed program of study has been completed, related tests are passed, and a practicum including an edTPA portfolio are completed. Permission of the associate dean is required to enroll in the related practicum.