University of Portland Bulletin 2020-2021

Core Curriculum and Writing in the Discipline

The Writing in the Discipline program (WD) supports writing objectives already in place in the two-course Writing Embedded core sequence, consisting of courses in English 112 and Philosophy 150 required of every student. This program incorporates both a prominent contemporary theory of college writing instruction and a national trend—the rise in universities adopting this interdisciplinary model for the teaching of writing. The WD program provides students with writing intensive courses and various kinds of writing assignments to deepen thinking about disciplinary content and to gain a better understanding of the forms of writing in their professions.

By offering writing intensive courses in every major, this program:

  • Helps students to master learning outcomes related to writing articulated by their department or school.
  • Introduces students to the type of writing required in the discipline and to think and write in their respective disciplines.
  • Provides all students courses with a significant writing component that will increase the ability of student to write and think critically.
  • Offers students writing assignments consistent with the discipline. The type of writing can vary depending upon the major. Some examples are a research paper, an argumentative essay, lab reports, project memos/reports or a critical reflection on a clinical, teaching or field experience.

The Writing in the Discipline courses are the following:

College of Arts and Sciences

  WD 1 WD 2
Biology BIO 277 BIO 453
Chemistry CHM 376 CHM 471/473
Communication CST300/320/330 CST 475 Capstone Project
Economics, BA ECN 325 ECN 425
ENG 225
ENV 383
ENG 499
ENV 400
French Studies 3XX STAMP Test
German Studies 3XX STAMP Test
History HST 420/430/450 HST 471
Mathematics MTH 401 MTH 441
Music MUS 201 MUS 302
Philosophy PHL 371/372/373/374 PHL 499
Physics PHY 441 PHY 472
Political Science 4XX 4XX
Psychology PSY 214 PSY 498/499
Social Work SW 313 SW 480
Sociology SOC 380 SOC 498/499
Spanish 3XX STAMP Test
Theater THTR 307 THTR 409/410/411
Theology THE 492 THE 498

Pamplin School of Business

  WD 1 WD 2
Accounting BUS 250 BUS 465
Economics, BBA BUS 250 ECN 425
Economics, BA
ECN 325
ECN 425
BUS 250
BUS 468
BUS 250
BUS 443
Operation & Technology Management
BUS 250
BUS 456

School of Education

  WD 1
WD 2
 Elementary Education
 ED 320
 ED 400
 Secondary Education
 ED 320            
 ED 450

Shiley School of Engineering

  WD 1 WD 2
Civil Engineering CE376 CE 371
Computer Science CS 341
CS 483
Electrical Engineering EE 373 EE 371
Mechanical Engineering EGR 270 ME 374

School of Nursing

  WD 1
WD 2
 NRS 104
 NRS 440
 Integrative Health & Wellness Studies  IHW 116
 IHW 312