University of Portland Bulletin 2021-2022

Bachelor of Science

A bachelor of science (B.S.) degree generally provides for in-depth study within a major discipline, or may integrate knowledge from more than one discipline, and includes a foundational liberal arts education. The B.S. degree involves additional supporting technical or professional coursework with the outcomes of students effectively communicating, engaging with relevant metaphysical issues, attaining in-depth knowledge of a chosen discipline and incorporating expertise from related disciplines which typically lead to a specific or professional career path. These outcomes are accomplished through completing the following requirements:

  • 6 credit hours in a relevant field outside the major (specific courses that fit this requirement are identified by each B.S. degree program)
  • 3 credit hours from CST 107, ENG 107, or ENG 311
  • 3 credit hours from any one of PHL 314 or PHL 330 - 340