University of Portland Bulletin 2012-2013

Shepard Freshman Resource Center

Brenda Greiner, M.A., director

The Shepard Freshman Resource Center was established under the provost’s office by regent Steve Shepard. Its objective is to help first-year students make a successful transition to University life. The Center oversees counseling and advising for first-year students, helping them resolve issues with career planning, financial aid, registration, and social adjustment. The Center assists undeclared first-year students as they select a major course of studies.

The freshman center also directs a freshman seminar workshop program, led by upper-class students, to instruct first-year students in college learning strategies and to mentor them in University culture and procedures. Additionally, the center offers upper-class mentors for first-year students. First-year students of any major are welcome to use the center’s resources.

The Shepard Freshman Resource Center is located in 113 Buckley Center and can be reached at (503) 943-7895 or The center's webpage is located at