University of Portland Bulletin 2015-2016

Master of Arts (M.A.)

This program is an academic degree, preparing candidates for work beyond the master’s. Applicants for this degree are assigned to an academic advisor who assists in selecting the specific program of courses. The program of study is normally arranged at the beginning of the first semester of study.

Requirements for this degree include 18 semester hours in education and 18 semester hours in an emphasis option to be selected in consultation with the candidate’s advisor, for a total of 36 hours.

The M.A. program has two options: Option A is for candidates who plan to continue beyond the master’s level and wish to complete a thesis. Option B is for candidates who seek professional development and select to do a non-thesis capstone project.

The advisor may require the candidate to complete additional semester hours for this degree.

M.A. Learning Outcomes

Candidates for the M.A. core will be able to meet outcomes of the School of Education Conceptual Framework.

Degree Requirements

M.A. Requirements — 18 hours

ED 550Professional Growth and Development


ED 551Social and Cultural Foundations


ED 555Teacher as Researcher


ED 558Educational Research for Improved Student Learning


ED 563Master of Arts Capstone Project






ED 599Thesis

Credit arranged.

Emphasis Options

Degree Requirements

Emphasis Requirements - 18 hours

Emphasis option programs are constructed with the assistance of the academic advisor. The option program may include courses from any area of graduate work at the University of Portland: i.e., business, communication studies, nursing, or theology.