University of Portland Bulletin 2015-2016


Information services is committed to providing a secure computing environment for all staff, faculty and students. Protecting personal information stored in campus databases and on campus computers is a critical responsibility and requires each user to follow the acceptable use and secure use policies as outlined by the University. For UP information security news, tips, and alerts visit the Cybersecurity Newsletter at

Mobile device security including that for laptops, tablets, and smart phones is of particular importance. All mobile devices, whether personal or University-owned, need to be protected by a secure passcode or password. In addition, all mobile computers connected to the University network need to use anti-virus software. Please visit the Virtual Service Center to install free anti-virus software. Access the virtual service center by visiting and selecting "Online Help." Select "Browse Service Catalog" to download Symantec software.

Please refer to the acceptable use and information security policy documents to understand your information security responsibilities. All IS policy documents can be found at