University of Portland Bulletin 2015-2016

Faith-Based Leader Program

David Houglum, Ph.D., Director for Leadership

The University's Faith-Based Leader Program is designed for students who want to experience the challenges and opportunities facing leaders in the Church or in other faith-based organizations. Interning as an executive assistant for a senior leader in the Church or another faith-based organization, students will be immersed in the reality of its day-to-day operations while, at the same time, discerning how God may be calling them to use their gifts and talents. Applications are open to sophomores during the spring semester. Applicants are interviewed and up to 12 are chosen to participate in the program. Once accepted into the program, during the fall of their junior year, students take a one-credit course, LDR 324: Faith-Based Leadership. During the same semester, students interview with several executive mentors from participating organizations. In December, students are paired with an executive mentor. In the spring of junior year, students start the onboarding process with the organization within which they have been paired. In the summer following junior year, students complete an 8 week internship within your mentor's organization. During the fall semester of senior year, students provide a short presentation submit a paper on their experience. Participants receive a $3500 stipend for their summer internship. Funding is provided in part through a Vision and Call grant, which is administered by the Murdock Trust.

For more information about the program, contact the Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, University of Portland, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, OR 97203-5798. Telephone (503) 943-7769.