University of Portland Bulletin 2017-2018

Minor in Business Administration

The business administration minor is open only to students outside the Pamplin School of Business Administration.

Students should take ECN 120 as one of their social science requirements.  Statistics (MTH 161, MTH 361, or EGR 361) is a prerequisite to Business Finance (BUS 205).

Minor Requirements

Prerequisites — 6 hours

BUS 200Principles of Marketing


BUS 205Business Finance


BUS 209Financial Accounting


Required Courses — 15 hours

BUS 360Cross Cultural Organizational Behavior and Ethics


12 credits - Four upper-division business electives

May include one upper-division economics elective, and one Entrepreneur Scholars Program elective; some electives require Business Calculus (MTH 121) as a prerequisite.  Only one upper-division business course can be cross-counted in both the minor and another major.