University of Portland Bulletin 2017-2018

Minor in Global Business

Note: only one upper-division elective can be cross counted with major courses for a minor requirement.

International experience requirement—must be approved in advance (examples include study abroad programs, Entrepreneur Scholar international business trips, internships with international focus)

Foreign language proficiency requirement:  Students must demonstrate proficiency through the intermediate level of one language (other than their native language).  This requirement may be satisfied in the following ways:

  • Four years of high school study of one language with grades of C or above or study of one language through the intermediate level at a nationally accredited college or university with grades of C or above;
  • Completion of French, German, or Spanish 202 or 12 credits of Chinese; or
  • International students whose first language is not English.

Minor Requirements

Prerequisites 6 hours

ECN 120Principles of Macroeconomics


MTH 161Elementary Statistics


Required Courses 15 hours (excluding any prerequisites)

Take three of the following

BUS 360Cross Cultural Organizational Behavior and Ethics


BUS 441International Finance


BUS 443International Marketing Management


ECN 440International Economics


Take two of the following

BUS 497Internship


ECN 426Comparative Economics


ECN 429Development Economics


Other international focused upper division business or economics course

Upper division CAS course with an international focus (limited to one course)