University of Portland Bulletin 2017-2018

X. Student Classification

  1. Undergraduate degree-seeking students are classified as freshmen if they have earned less than 30 semester hours; as sophomores if they have earned at least 30 semester hours; as juniors if they have earned at least 60 semester hours; and as seniors if they have earned at least 90 semester hours.
  2. Special students are those who qualify by maturity and ability to perform satisfactorily at the university level, but who fail to meet the requirements for freshman or advanced standing.
  3. Non-degree seeking students (formerly called non-matriculated students) are those who have been admitted in order to register for credit but who have not been accepted into any degree program at the University. See the Office of Admissions section of this Bulletin for specific requirements for admission to this student status.
  4. Postgraduate students are those who have earned at least an undergraduate degree and are in a program that leads to a certificate or other non-degree credential.
  5. Graduate degree-seeking students are those who have earned a baccalaureate degree and who have been accepted into a program leading to an advanced degree.
  6. Current enrollment status is based on the number of registered semester credit hours. Undergraduate full-time enrollment is 12 semester hours (6 in summer). Graduate full-time enrollment is 9 semester hours (5 in summer).