University of Portland Bulletin 2018-2019

Environmental Science

Required: 16 upper-division hours comprised of

  • One of the following:

Ecology in Theological Perspective (THE 328/THE 428) or Theological Environmental Ethics (THE 327/THE 427) or Theology in Ecological Perspective (THEP 482) (3 hours);

Any 300 level or 400 level ENV course, BIO 304/BIO 374 Wetlands Ecology and Wetlands Ecology Lab, BIO 338/BIO 368 Marine Biology of the Pacific Northwest and Marine Biology Lab, BIO 341/ BIO 371 The Nature of Plants and Field Botany Lab, BIO 345/ BIO 375 Vertebrate Biology and Lab, Animal Behavior (BIO 347), Environmental Engineering (CE 367), Analytical Chemistry (CHM 314), Analytical Lab (CHM 379), Advanced Instrumental Methods (CHM 412), or Advanced Instrumental Techniques (CHM 472) (9 hours).