University of Portland Bulletin 2018-2019

Bachelor of Arts

A bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree generally provides a comprehensive liberal arts education with a major in one or more specific areas. The B.A. degree provides the opportunity to develop breadth in the knowledge of arts, humanities, natural sciences, quantification and social and behavioral sciences. In general, the B.A. degree has fewer major and prerequisite hours, more liberal arts electives hours, and foreign language experience.

Learning Outcomes for the Bachelor of Arts Degree

In addition to the outcomes for their majors, B.A. degree students will:

  1. Develop an appreciation of multiple disciplinary perspectives on enduring questions;
  2. Attain intermediate proficiency in a language other than English.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.)

The degree requires 15 credits of upper-division learning outside the primary major. Nine of these credits must come from at least three different college disciplines outside the primary major.

Recognizing that proficiency in other languages prepares the student to live and work in the international global community and fosters an appreciation for other cultures, every student in B.A. degree programs will demonstrate proficiency through the intermediate level in one language. This requirement may be satisfied in the following ways.

  1. Four years of high school study of one language with grades of C or above or study of one language through the intermediate level at a nationally accredited college or university with grades of C or above.
  2. Completion of French, German, or Spanish 202, or 12 credits of Chinese.
  3. International students whose first language is not English.