University of Portland Bulletin 2018-2019


Brian Adams, Ph.D., director of graduate business programs

Melissa McCarthy, director of M.B.A. program

Faculty: Adams, Adrangi, Anderson, Barnes, Bernard, Chatrath, Cruz Megchun, Down, Dunnaville, Easton, Eom, Feldman (Emeritus), Grimmer, Gritta, Gudigantala, Hanig, Hao, Holloway, Jurinski, Kolay, Laird-Magee, Lewis (Emeritus), Lin, Lippman, McKittrick, Meckler, Mitchell, Parkman, Reed, Seal (Emeritus), Stephens, Wu, Yu 


The Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. School of Business was founded in 1939; the master’s program in business administration (M.B.A.) began in 1959, the Master of Science in Finance (M.S.F.) began in 2009, the Executive Master of Business Administration in Nonprofit Management (E.M.B.A) (now M.B.A. in Nonprofit Management) began in 2011, and the Master of Science in Operations and Technology Management (M.S.O.T.M) began in 2014. The University of Portland’s business school is accredited by AACSB, the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business.


The Pamplin School of Business’s innovative curriculum is an outgrowth of its mission statement. This mission is to create a collaborative learning environment that develops our students’ knowledge of effective business practices, enhances their analytic and interpersonal skills, and enables them to be successful and ethical leaders in their communities and the changing world.