University of Portland Bulletin 2018-2019

Communication, M.A.

Learning Outcomes:

Students who successfully complete all requirements for a master’s degree in the Department of Communication Studies should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate skilled analysis of communication theory and praxis within the dimensions (ethical, social, legal, technological, relational, and/or cultural) most key to the student’s chosen primary program focus.
  2. Demonstrate appropriate and effective professional writing.
  3. Demonstrate skilled independent decision-making relative to communication research and analysis, including abilities to conduct, interpret, and evaluate the quality of research and analytic designs.
  4. Demonstrate understanding of ethical values central to the communication discipline.

The M.A. program requires a minimum of 36 hours of communication courses, including nine hours in core courses and six hours in each of two areas of emphasis. A thesis option (with related oral defense) is optional. Students must complete core course requirements with a minimum B average.

Degree Requirements

Communication MA Requirements — 36 hours

CST 500Research and Writing


CST 510Communication Theory


CST 520Rhetorical Theory and Criticism


Communication Electives


Communication Electives from any area


Communications electives: six hours each in two areas of selected emphasis

Thesis Option

If an M.A. or M.S. student chooses to write a thesis, 3-6 CST elective hours may be used for CST 599, the thesis.

Total Credit Hours: 36