University of Portland Bulletin 2019-2020

Transfer Students

The upper division programs of the University are the center of increasing attention from students transferring from other four-year institutions and community colleges. Applications of such students will be given the fullest individual attention by the University.

Students seeking admission with fewer than 26 semester hours or 39 quarter hours of acceptable transfer credit will be required to follow the same admission procedure as entering freshmen (except submitting a letter of recommendation), in addition to furnishing the University an official transcript from the colleges attended. Students planning to transfer 26 or more semester hours or 39 or more quarter hours may be considered for admission if they have an overall grade point average of 3.0 and are in good academic standing in the college most recently attended. Admission to the University is determined by the dean’s evaluation of the student’s academic record. Many academic programs require specific course work and a college grade point average above 3.0.

When students transfer from an accredited college or university, all acceptable credits are counted in determining the class rating. (Students are classified as a sophomore if they have obtained at least 30 semester hours of credit; as juniors, 60 hours; as seniors, 90 hours.) Students transferring into the University as sophomores, juniors, or seniors will complete the requirements in the curriculum in which they are enrolled.

With the approval of the dean, credits designated as transfer (100-level or above) with a grade of C (2.00) or higher, may be accepted from community colleges and baccalaureate degree granting institutions accredited by regional accrediting associations, as well as by professional accrediting agencies when appropriate, subject to the limitations imposed by the degree requirements of a student’s specific major. Academic credit for other courses and advanced placement may also be given with approval of the dean.

Transfer Applicant Information In making application for admission, the candidate must complete the following procedures at least one month prior to the semester of enrollment.

Application Form Submit a University of Portland application to the Office of Admissions with a $50.00 non-refundable processing fee. Please note: transfer students interested in a major in nursing must indicate this intent on the admission application, and must be prepared to enter the University as a junior (obtaining 60 or more semester hours with the appropriate prerequisites), and can only apply at designated times. Please see the admissions website for current timelines.

Transcripts Have official transcripts sent directly from all colleges attended to the Office of Admissions, University of Portland.

Essay Complete the essay as indicated on the application form. Submit with the application (for nursing majors.)

The University reserves the right to rescind an applicant’s acceptance any time before the first day of classes for reasons including, but not limited to, grade performance, high school or transfer institution disciplinary charge and/or action, suspension and/or expulsion, arrest and/or conviction, falsification or withholding of pertinent application information, or any behavior that brings into question the applicant’s honesty, maturity, or moral character.