University of Portland Bulletin 2020-2021

School of Engineering Requirements

University Core Requirements —39 credit hours

Literature – 3 credit hours

ENG 112Thinking Through Literature


Fine Arts – 3 credit hours

FA 207Introduction to Fine Arts


History – 3 credit hours

Any history course up to and including 300 level.

Social Science – 6 credit hours

Chosen from a specified list and a minimum of 2 different disciplines.

Philosophy – 6 credit hours

PHL 150Introductory Philosophy


PHL 220Ethics


Theology – 9 credit hours

THE 105Introduction to Theology


THE 205The Bible, Past and Present


Upper Division Theology Elective


If the theology elective is a theological perspectives course that also satisfies a companion subject core requirement, three general elective credit hours must be taken to satisfy the total number of credits for the degree.


For Engineering and Computer Science Majors: The additional 9 hours of mathematics and science requirements in the core curriculum are satisfied by the major requirements for Calculus (MTH 201) and General Physics (PHY 204 & PHY 205).