University of Portland Bulletin 2016-2017

Wireless Network

The University of Portland provides Wi-Fi network coverage throughout every building on campus. The wireless network is served by a 2 Gbps wired internet network. Several WiFi networks are available based on user type as follows:

UPStudent: WiFi network for students. Login to the web form that appears in your browser. Enter your UP network credentials. Access is granted for 6 months, after which students must re-authenticate. PLEASE NOTE: Some devices may not have access to a browser and must be manually registered and bypassed on our network. If you are unable to connect your device, please visit the Help Desk for assistance.

UPStaff: WiFi network for staff and faculty. Login to this network using your UP username and password. Only staff and faculty will be granted access to this network.

UPGuest: WiFi networks for visitors. Self-registration of mobile devices is required. Follow the instructions that appear on the web form in your browser. Access is granted for a 24 hour duration upon registration of your device, after which re-registration is required.