University of Portland Student Handbook

Applicability of Policies and Standards of Student Conduct

The University policies and standards of conduct described below apply to all students, graduate and undergraduate, from matriculation to graduation, as well as non-matriculated students. The expectations of student conduct listed in Life on the Bluff, apply to individual students as well as groups.  The University reserves the right to take action in cases of misconduct or violations of state or federal law that occur on or off University property. Involvement in the University Conduct Process may affect a student’s ability to change their student status, including withdrawing, taking leave, and degree conferral from the University.

Students who violate state or federal law may be subject to the University student conduct process concurrent to criminal proceedings. The University is not bound by the policies, procedures, or findings of a court of law, and may continue its conduct proceedings before, during, and after any criminal action. A student not held responsible in a court of law may still be subject to conduct action at the University.

If a student is charged with or convicted of a felony, the University, through the Division of Student Affairs, reserves the right to take immediate action and suspend or permanently dismiss the student, independent of the student conduct process.