University of Portland Student Handbook

General Standards of Student Conduct

The following actions or behaviors are inconsistent with the University’s expectations for members of its community. As a result, violations of these expectations may result in a conduct hearing and, if found responsible, might lead to a student’s separation from the university through suspension or dismissal:

1.   Sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking (see Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Misconduct, and Violence) and and relevant policies regarding Title IX at

2.   Sexual misconduct (see Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Misconduct, and Violence).

4.   Possession, use, sale, distribution, or manufacture of drugs or other controlled substances (see Illegal Drugs, Controlled Substances, and Misuse of Prescribed Medication).

5.   Theft, damage, or vandalism of property.

6.   Dishonesty, forgery, or taking advantage of another.

7.   Violence or the threat of violence against any member of the University community or others, or any action that causes injury to another (see Violence and Threats of Violence).

8.   Abusive or harassing behavior (see Discriminatory Harassment and Bullying).

9.   Unauthorized possession of explosives, incendiary devices, firearms, or other weapons. (see Weapons and Explosives, Fireworks, and other Incendiary Devices)

10. Behavior that disrupts or interferes with the proper functioning of the University community, in both academic and non-academic settings (see Disorderly Conduct).

11. Behavior that infringes upon the well-being and/or rights of any member of the University community or that endangers the safety or life of any member of our community or others (see Disorderly Conduct and Life and Health Safety).

12. Failure to follow the directive of a University official (see University Directives).