University of Portland Student Handbook


The University of Portland is a Catholic university guided by the Congregation of Holy Cross. As our mission statement articulates, we strive to develop the whole person through teaching and learning, faith and formation, service and leadership. The result of this mission is graduates who are prepared to respond to the call of Jesus Christ to serve the needs of the world and the whole human family.

As part of our Catholic mission, it is important that we at the University of Portland are people of great character and moral virtue. We are called to live as Jesus did: to show love and respect to all we encounter, to order our actions towards the service of God and others, and to create a community in which all can thrive. Rooted in Gospel values, our community respects the dignity of every person. Our University policies reflect the importance of holding one another accountable to this ideal.

The University of Portland is a mission-based community. What differentiates us from the larger society is our emphasis on community, collaboration, and learning together in the pursuit of truth in the Catholic tradition. For these reasons, our policies hold students to a higher standard and have as their goal educating students and preserving community.