University of Portland Summer Session Bulletin 2019

Identification Cards

The Identification cards may be obtained at the Public Safety Office. The first ID card is free and is used during your entire course of study at the University.  All ID cards remain property of the University of Portland. Proof of current enrollment (e.g. class schedule, billing, or receipt) is needed to process your card. If you are a graduate student, please bring your class schedule so your graduate status may be verified. With a receipt, your card may be validated at the student accounts office or at the public safety office.

Your ID card is used for several services on campus including computer services, the Library, access to residence halls, lab access, and meal service. If you lose your card, please report the loss as soon as possible to the Department of Public Safety. Students using the Bon Appetit meal services need to also report the loss to the food service office. Replacing a lost card costs $10 for the first replacement and $20 for every replacement after the first. Turning in a found card after it has been replaced will result in a $10 credit being provided against future replacements.