University of Portland Summer Session Bulletin 2020

Major Programs

Major Programs

The University of Portland consists of one college with fourteen departments, four professional schools, and a graduate school. Undergraduate majors are available in all departments of the College of Arts and Sciences and in each of the professional schools.

The Graduate School offers advanced degrees in the schools/departments of business administration, communication studies, drama, education, engineering, music, nursing, and theology.

Students entering the University indicate the program of studies they wish to follow and will be under the direction of the dean of the college or school administering that program. Students may elect at any time to petition for a change of major or change of school.

College of Arts and Sciences

Biology, B.A., B.S.

Chemistry, B.S.

Communication, B.A.

Economics, B.A.

English, B.A.

Environmental Ethics and Policy, B.A.

Environmental Science, B.S.

French Studies, B.A.

General Studies, B.A., B.S.

German Studies, B.A.

History, B.A.

Mathematics, B.S., B.A.

Mathematics, Applied, B.S.

Music, B.A.

Organizational Communication, B.S.

Philosophy, B.A.

Physics, B.A., B.S.

Political Science & Global Affairs, B.A.

Pre-law study*

Premedicine study‡

Psychology, B.A.

Social Work, B.A.

Sociology, B.A.

Sociology/Criminology Concentration, B.A.

Spanish, B.A.

Theater, B.A.

Theology, B.A.

Pamplin School of Business Administration

Accounting, B.B.A.

Economics, B.B.A.

Finance, B.B.A.

Marketing, B.B.A.

Operations & Technology Management, B.B.A.

School of Education

Elementary Education, B.A.Ed.

Secondary Education, B.S.S.E.

Shiley School of Engineering

Civil Engineering, B.S.C.E.

Computer Science, B.S.C.S.

Electrical Engineering, B.S.E.E.

Mechanical Engineering, B.S.M.E.

School of Nursing

Integrative Health & Wellness, B.S.

Nursing, B.S.N.

Graduate School

Biomedical Engineering, M.BME

Business Administration, M.B.A.

Communication Studies, M.A., M.S.

Education, M.A., M.A.T., M.A. H.E.S.A., M.Ed., Ed.D.

Engineering, M.E., M.BME

Finance, M.S.

Nursing, D.N.P.

Operations & Technology Mgmt., M.S.

Minor Programs

Minors consist of no fewer than 12 and no more than 18 credit hours of upper-division courses excluding prerequisites. Academic regulations governing courses applied to major programs also apply to minors. Approved minors include:


Business Administration



Computer Engineering

Computer Science

Constitutional Studies




Entrepreneurship & Design Mgmt

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Policy

Environmental Science

Fine Arts


Gender & Women’s Studies


Global Business

Hellenic Studies



Integrative Health & Wellness Studies






Political Science


Social Justice






* Law schools require a bachelor’s degree for admission, but no specific major is required; there is no “pre-law major” as such. Students are helped to select a program acceptable to various law schools.

‡ Both chemistry and biology provide a complete preparatory program for dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, optometry, or veterinary medicine.

Study Abroad

Summer Session offers the opportunities to study on site in Ireland, Ecuador, Japan, England, Spain, and Salzburg. For details, itineraries, costs, and registration procedures for these programs contact Kallan Picha, Foreign Studies Programs Director, University of Portland, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd., Portland, Oregon 97203-5798.Telephone (503) 943-7857. Toll free 1-800-227-4568 ext. 7221.