University of Portland Summer Session Bulletin 2021

Adding/Dropping/ Withdrawing from Courses

You may drop or add a class from your schedule any time up to the end of the day of the 100% refund period. After that date you may withdraw from a course, without academic penalty (receiving a “W”), up to the dates listed under Key Dates. Evening courses may be dropped during regular working hours. To drop, add, or withdraw, please contact the program counselor in your school. Your drop, add, or withdrawal is effective on the date your properly signed form is filed in the Office of the Registrar. An “F” is entered on your transcript for any course in which you cease attendance without formally withdrawing. Conversely, if you attend a course without properly registering for it, you will not receive any academic credit for the course.

For summer semester, financial aid awards will be locked at the enrollment level determined by combining credits from all summer sessions at the end of the 4th day of the first six-week session for undergraduate students, May 20, 2021, or the 4th day of the second six- week session for graduate students, July 1, 2021. All students are expected to complete the enrollment level for which their financial aid is disbursed.