University of Portland Summer Session Bulletin 2021

Pass/No Pass Registration

You may register in a course for a pass/no pass grade, providing your registration is completed according to the dates listed in the Key Dates.  Courses that are required by the University core, college curriculum, or departmental program may not be taken pass/no pass. To fulfill the remaining credit hours needed for graduation, you may take three courses pass/no pass. Pass/no pass forms are available in the Office of the Registrar and require the signature of both your dean and your advisor. Certain courses, due to their content and scope, are graded only on the pass/no pass basis and are not subject to these regulations. Courses attempted under the pass/no pass system and completed successfully carry academic credit; unsuccessful performances carry no credit but are listed on your transcript. However, neither result is included in the computation of your grade point average. One change in registration from regular status to pass/no pass or vice-versa is allowed in a course.